Done with the dll

The “dll compliant” code is in place 🙂
What does it mean :

  • the wnaspi32.dll isn’t loaded at the start, it’s only loaded when needed (reading cdrom system id, displaying the cd drive list, etc.)
  • when you choose the access method to the cd drive (ASPI or SPTI), Saturnin asks to choose the correct drive within a list. When using ASPI the SCSI address is displayed (1:0:0 for instance), while the letter drive is displayed when using SPTI (E: for instance)
  • all the cd access code is now splitted into separate files, which means that a very few work is needed to switch to a full dll application. If I got a little more spare time, I would do a SPTI dll for Satourne 😉

Now that the harder part is done, let’s get to the longer one :

  • creating the missing SPTI functions, not much are missing (read TOC, and a few others)
  • converting the ASPI functions still in the cdrom class (same as above : read TOC and a few more)
  • converting some of the cdrom functions to full C++ and STL, as they were coded by Fabien in C originally and aren’t compatible anymore with my code …

That is starting to look pretty good !
All this will need extensive testing when the cache problem will be solved 😀