Goodbye mvSCSI, hello SPTI !

So I’ve decided to let down mvSCSI, for 2 main reasons :

  • the creator hasn’t contacted me since the last time, I don’t know if he still has the problem I pointed out or if he doesn’t care (I don’t blame him)
  • it needs the dll to be bundled with the emulator, which isn’t really good if I want one day to put the relative code in its own dll … meaning that 2 dlls are needed in order to make it work.

So I spent some more time trying to access sectors using SPTI directly, and I was successful using SCSI_PATH_THROUGH_WITH_BUFFER. SCSI_CDROM_RAW_READ still doesn’t work though, but that’s not that important as raw sector read isn’t needed for now (maybe it won’t be needed at all 😉 )

So what’s next to develop :

  • functions to get the cdrom players list and to save them to the config file
  • shared structures between ASPI & SPTI to have code as portable as possible between the 2
  • put ASPI code in its own files
  • functions to take care of what’s nedeed by the Saturn from the SPTI side (read TOC, read sector, etc. )
  • code to switch between SPTI and ASPI