Happy New Year !

May 2009 be a great year to everyone 🙂

There’s not a lot of news regarding Saturnin, as last month and a half corresponded to a peak of work into my real job. So my free time was drastically reduced during this period, and I couldn’t work on Saturnin as much as I wanted …

But that didn’t mean that I didn’t do anything : I created a local subversion server and put the source code on it, as I never gave up the idea to move the project to open source (don’t expect anything soon though :p)
I also started using a task manager to handle all the notes lying around and the todo list (it’s Task Coach for those interested), with the hope to have everything a bit more formalized.

On the code itself, I did some rearrangement to clean everything up, to put all the related functions into the same files, etc. …
And now I’m back on adding the bitmaps to the rendering engine, but there are some difficulties that can’t be solved right now, forcing me to create a more advanced VDP2 texture debugger.
So I’m 100% on that right now.