Gaining speed

VDP2 cache debugging wasn’t that easy : I had to redesign the way threads were handled in order to get it working, as you can’t share a rendering context between OpenGL and Windows. I decided to use Boost for those too, as I don’t need something complicated. Now it works the way I wanted, ie you can display backgrounds by priority.

Bitmaps and cell mode now work using the cache, I used similar functions than for the VDP1 in order to handle cached textures.

I also used the block transfer mode from OpenGL, in order to speed up transfers to the graphic card memory. The results are interesting, as during the logo assembly of the bios the speed is over 70 fps, and around 45 fps (with bitmaps enabled) ) in the cd player.

I still have to convert all the display modes from the VDP2 to the cache system, and when it’s done I’ll move on (there’s still plenty of stuff to do :p )

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  1. Avatar Fan from Poland
    Fan from Poland says:

    Respect. Don’t stop making progress 😀