Opening soon (sort of :p)

Last months, I’ve been working on Saturnin with one goal : going open source (yay)
So, after spending countless time on it, everything’s done, and I finally moved my sourcecode to BitBucket (I’ll get back to that point another time).

But there’s still one thing to take care of (well amongst others :p), before opening the depot to the public : I need to choose a licence.
Of course, there are constraints :
– the future version will use plug-ins, and I don’t want to force anyone contributing one to provide its sourcecode
– some of the actual code used in Saturnin wasn’t done by myself (the SCSP core is Stef’s for instance, the 68K code is from either Turbo68K or Musashi) … I will put it into separate dlls also, but that must be taken into account
-some other things that I don’t remind now :p

After looking into existing licenses, I think GPL is too restrictive to my point of view, but LGPL could be a good candidate.

As I’m pretty new to that kind of stuff, I’m seeking advice … so If you have anything relevant to say about that, please leave me a comment.

Thanks !

3 Responses to Opening soon (sort of :p)

  1. Avatar Guillaume
    Guillaume says:

    A GPL compatible licence would be great! So we could import code from Yabause to Saturnin and the other way around too 🙂

  2. I know its been more than a year but have you thought about talking to Stef or the people who made Turbo68k Musashi Maybe theyll allow those bits of code to be open source too
    I look forward to seeing Saturnin return in some way hopefully then we will have a powerful emulator that can run on a crappy computer like mine
    PS your comment system is funny it wont allow me to use apostrophe

  3. Hi Max, thanks for your interest 🙂

    Honestly I haven\’t spoken to anyone you refer to, it might be a good idea to ask them …
    I don t have much time to work on the emu anymore, the code is on a private repository for now, with a real bug tracking attached to it, but I haven\’t looked into it in a long time (real life is taking over, unfortunately :/)

    Regarding the apostrophes in the comment system, it\’s pure laziness on my side :p
    (Maybe I should replace it by a space, but hey, no time for emu coding means no time for devlog coding either :p)

    BTW, I cheated on this one 😉