Donations and various news

Hello there !

For a long time I’ve been wondering what was the best way to set up a donation system, and I finally chose to go for a Pledgie account, as  you can see on the right of the page 😉 So if you find anything I do useful or interesting, you have a way to show your appreciation 🙂 As Pledgie was discontinued, I’ll turn to something else (maybe Patreon,we’ll see) …

Regarding current projects, right now I’m converting SegaDecrypt from Ultimate++ to vanilla C++, as a first step implementing what’s new in the latests releases of the language.

As for Saturnin, I finally decided to go for the Apache License 2.0. I’m migrating the GUI to Qt in order to have something more up to date, and using Qt translation system to implement translations.

I will try post more often … (who said deja-vu ? :p )

Cheers !

3 Responses to Donations and various news

  1. Good luck in the preparation of Saturnin’s next release 🙂

  2. Thanks !
    I’m not around SX as much as I used to be, but I still go there from time to time, and I’m impressed by your work … keep going ! 🙂

    • SX is quiet, but my preferred place for Saturn since that’s my “Saturn hometown” : I registered there after applying Planet de Pon for C4-2005 (2005 … time flies ^^; ), which was my very first Saturn thing.

      Saturn dev is just a hobby for me : nothing to be impressed by 🙂