Namco System 2 Keycus Hacks

The files available for download on this page are intended for owners of original Namco System 2 arcade games whose keycus protection chip is faulty, so that they can be made functional again.

Thanks to Guru for hardware testing !

These files are of no use for emulation.

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3 Responses to Namco System 2 Keycus Hacks

  1. Hello, thank you for releasing the wonderful patch data.
    I tested the Valkyrie No Densetsu (Japan) on the actual machine.
    After booting, the title screen is displayed, but it resets without going to the demonstration. If you insert coins before resetting and start the game, you can play normally after that.
    This is the end of the verification result. We will test and report on other games in sequence.

  2. Hello.
    Regarding the legend of Valkyrie, I confirmed another problem.
    The key custom chip of System II seems to have a function of random number generation, and it seems that the value of random numbers differs depending on the title of the game. Specifically, on the second side of the game, the ball that Arijigoku(Antlion) spits out is normally spit out like a volcano, but it is spit out in a straight line.

  3. Hi Hokuto,

    Sorry for the late response, but somehow your comments went to the “awaiting approval” queue, and as I don’t check them regularly it went under the radar.

    Thanks for testing the file. I did a more in depth research in the file and found a keycus call that slipped through the net … I removed it, and you can download the updated file.