Well, the title is maybe a bit strong, but this processor is a really complex piece of work …
The disassembler is done, the interpreter skeleton is ready, and I’m done coding the Operation commands (24 opcodes).

I’m now working on the Load Immediate commands (11 opcodes), DMA, JUMP and LOOP commands will follow shortly (I hope :p)

Understanding how the opcodes really work is difficult, thanks to poor / erroneous documentation, and I won’t be able to test anything until every opcode (and the main loop) is coded … Timing must also be taken care of, as DSP clock is only half of the main SH2’s … so there’s still a lot to do until I can get any sound during the logo assembly :p

I’ve also started toying around with various UI libraries (finally :p), and I think I’ll chose Juce for the next UI overhaul … primary testing with OpenGL gave good results, I’ll have to fire up my image creation software to create some nice icons (ph34r my mad Gimp skiils :D) I’ll try to post some screenshots when I’ll have something more tangible 😉

Until then … have a nice day !

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  1. Avatar Pantamorph
    Pantamorph says:

    Keep us informed about updates Runik!
    Cant wait to try a new version of Saturnin!

  2. Dont give up. I count on You. Saturnin is the most most accurate emu for sega saturn that I know. If you need some money just ask 😛